Mobile monitoring reveals congestion effect for vehicle emissions in London
Lauren Padilla / Mar 11, 2024

New study shows just how much congestion intensifies emissions from diesel vehicles   In a recently published study, researchers from the University of York and Environmental Defense Fund show how traffic ...

New interactive data story highlights air pollution and health impacts in the South Bronx
Mindi DePaola / Dec 20, 2023

What’s new: EDF partner, South Bronx Unite, has just launched an interactive data visualization that’s mapping what residents of the South Bronx have long experienced—that air pollution from industrial facilities ...

New science to help policymakers address unequal impacts of air pollution
Maria Harris / Nov 13, 2023

What’s new: EDF and partners have just published new research that explores how novel data sources, including satellites and computer models, can help improve our ability to map, identify, track ...