• For two years, the Breathe London pilot project mapped and measured air quality across the city, demonstrating that lower-cost sensor systems and mobile monitoring are valid ways to better understand pollution.

    Many cities around the world have been watching the project with interest in replicating our best practices.

    That’s why we created the Breathe London Blueprint – which includes both a guide and technical report – to provide you with lessons and insights that can support hyperlocal monitoring in your city and accelerate clean air action.

    Download the Blueprint guide
  • "These findings, from our world-leading Breathe London sensor network, are a stark reminder that pollution hotspots exist across London and will refocus our efforts on improving air quality for all. As we face up to the current climate emergency, I hope the success of this scheme will act as a blueprint for cities around the world to battle their own toxic air emergencies.”

What does the guide include?

You’ll find best practices, including guidance to help you get started and set clear goals. The guide also answers questions that frequently come up as you’re planning and designing your network, like which monitors to use and where to place them.

We include a Breathe London case study that explains how we designed the monitoring networks and data analyses to meet three goals. This section also provides suggestions for how you can focus your resources to achieve similar goals in your city.

What does the technical report include?

The guide complements the Breathe London technical report, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the details and methodology used by project partners to create a robust, real-time and hyperlocal dataset.

The technical report is for anyone who wants to dig deeper and learn the details of what the Breathe London consortium did and how.

We hope these resources illuminate how air pollution monitoring can play a critical role in informing clean air solutions and fostering healthier communities in your city.