From late 2018 to autumn 2019, Breathe London equipped Google Street View cars with mobile sensors to drive around the city and take readings of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) approximately every second. Analysis of our on-road data collection shows nitrogen dioxide (NO2) was on average 50% higher on major roads — like Kennington Park Road — than on quieter, local roads, like Alberta Street, which is just one street over.

This visualization of hyperlocal air quality monitoring was developed by our partners at Google, and was featured on Google Earth Voyager on Sept 7, 2020, the first International Day of Clean Air for blue skies.

In addition to learning more about why we started this pollution mapping project and what we’ve found, you can zoom in on particular streets and get a closer look at the NO2 pollution levels we measured in Central London’s neighbourhoods and beyond.

Visit Google Earth and take a look around!