• Health Impacts of Air Pollution

    Children, the elderly, and people with existing diseases are even more vulnerable and susceptible to harm from breathing unhealthy air. And low-income communities and communities of color often experience higher exposure to air pollution and bear a greater burden of the health and economic impacts.

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  • “Sensing technologies are the new eyes and ears for cities to understand air quality, as well as the sources and health risks from pollution. We have a unique opportunity to work with technology innovators, academia, private sector and civil society to connect health and technology to truly clean the air we breathe.”

    Dr. Claudia SheinbaumDr. Claudia SheinbaumMayor, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Finding Pollution Sources

    Analysts use a variety of methods, depending on budget, capacity and existing data sources–to pinpoint the sources of pollution. For example, so-called source-based approaches start at the point from where air pollution is flowing and follow emissions as they mix, react, disperse and move through the atmosphere.

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    Girl on playground near power plant
  • The London Study

    With more than 100 lower-cost sensor pods and specially-equipped Google Street View cars, Breathe London complements and expands upon London’s existing monitoring networks. The project aims to help people better understand their local air quality. Read the three takeaways.

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