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Clean the Air for Everyone

Air pollution can be deadly. Learn how to combat it using scientific research and local emissions data to improve health where you live.

Join us in securing cleaner air, climate action and healthier communities. Watch the animated reality video to see how pollution moves through the air and the body.

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  • Explore new Air Tracker tool

    Learn how EDF’s new Air Tracker can help communities, cities, regulators and businesses identify the area where emissions are most likely originating. This new tool, developed by EDF scientists along with partners at the University of Utah and Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab is designed to make air quality data more open and accessible to all and marks the next step in our efforts to better understand local air pollution, its behavior and its impacts.

  • About Global Clean Air Initiative

    With this online community, you’ll learn about how innovative technologies, scientific research and policies are supporting communities, governments and private sector leaders around the world to deliver cleaner air for all.

    EDF’s Global Clean Air initiative is advancing innovation in air pollution monitoring and control around the world to tackle the growing crisis of urban air quality. Working with diverse partners on the ground in the US, Mexico, UK and China, we are advancing scientific and policy tools to support solutions that deliver cleaner air and healthier communities.

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