EDF partners with Brazil’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change on strategy to update air quality standards
Sergio Sanchez / Mar 25, 2024

What’s new: EDF’s Global Clean Air (GCA) team met earlier this month with a working group within Brazil’s national government charged with updating the country’s air quality standards. EDF is ...

Underfunding the fight against air pollution is a crisis we must tackle at UNEA-6 and beyond
Sergio Sanchez / Feb 06, 2024

Air pollution affects almost everyone and carries severe consequences for public health, the environment and our climate, yet efforts to combat it are severely underfunded, especially in Latin America and ...

New interactive data story highlights air pollution and health impacts in the South Bronx
Mindi DePaola / Dec 20, 2023

What’s new: EDF partner, South Bronx Unite, has just launched an interactive data visualization that’s mapping what residents of the South Bronx have long experienced—that air pollution from industrial facilities ...