Author: Aileen Nowlan

As the Director, Global Clean Air, US Region, Aileen leads the initiative to develop and scale air pollution monitoring, mapping, and analysis. She leads the work to make risks from truck-attracting facilities like warehouses local, personal, and avoidable. Additionally, Aileen helped launch the first framework to attribute air pollution to individual companies. She previously launched a novel project finance mechanism for corporate brands to sponsor medium and heavy duty electric vehicles (EVs) when they don’t own their own vehicles. Earlier at EDF, Aileen catalyzed new technologies and new regulatory frameworks to reduce oil and gas methane emissions. She is an attorney and former management consultant with a background in project finance, restructuring, litigation, international law, sustainability and access to energy.

Historic investments in air quality monitoring can give communities a voice in clean air solutions
Aileen Nowlan / Sep 08, 2022

The United Nations General Assembly recently declared that access to clean air and a healthy environment is a universal human right, but far too many people live in communities overburdened ...